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Speaking of hair color…

…She’d never do it, but why do I think anyone who remotely knows Esie would be freaking shocked if she ever considered coloring her hair? XD

I mean she has freaking white hair, she could have virtually any color under the sun because of that.

…but the white is so her. not that she’s supposed to be the only white-haired person on zi (maybe saw white being like natural red hair or something, not the most common in the world, but definitely not shockingly rare) but yeah…lol I just see some sort of *everyone looks at* reaction as soon as she might mention it.

I tried to color my hair red (in dark hair…I’ve developed a strange love of the ‘black cherry’ look) with temp color but I don’t think it did much of anything.

I swear to God my hair is freaking spider wire. nothing - NOTHING sticks to it, we’ve tried this before, we’ve never been able to get temp color to work.

…think I’ll have to talk to my hairdresser about it, maybe she can do a legit semi-perm (I don’t want to do actual permanent, way too much trouble and I don’t want to ruin my natural texture/color, just have a little fun :) )

if it’s noticeable on camera I’ll probably post a pic.

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