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BEHOLD - The finished product! - and it IS a product, prints of this image are now available through deviantART’s Print Program, see the page where you can view the available products and place and order here

My tribute to the Bugatti 100p project.

The undertaking to reproduce one of the most elegant and, for it’s time, advanced aircraft designs is high on my list of most anticipated projects currently running in aviation.

I like Art Deco, I like airplanes, the Bugatti 100p is both, and it’s got quite an incredible story to boot, sort of the stuff of urban legend and modern fairytales, “hidden/endangered treasure” and that sort of thing (learn more from the video on its kickstarter page - fyi, the funding is ended on that kickstarter page, as you can see, it was wildly successful, the response was incredible, and they made and exceeded their goal in FAR less than their 1 month time limit)

Good luck and Godspeed to the incredible, international team working to get this magnificent treasure of aviation into the the air.

GUH! IT’S DONE!! *fall on face* (Hi-res plz) this took WAAAAY longer than anticipated, and was also waaay more tedious than anticipated, but it’s finished, and dangit, I don’t care if it’s past 3am, I felt like posting it now, so I’m going to post it now. 

actually the sketch of this was lying about my hardrive for a while now, only just recently decided to go back to it. could be better, but I’m not too unhappy with it.

hopefully some can detect that it’s another stab at Art Deco.

as to who the particular zoid portrayed here, it’s actually Estelle’s Lightning Saix (a very stylized version obviously) which would make the skyline in the background Blue City.

Why is she jetting about the desert outside town in the dark of night? …I have no idea…8/ Shady business for Savage Hammer?

So okay, I really didn’t need to illustrate this very vague matter I was pondering, but I just can’t resist an opportunity to take a stab at Art Deco…so was just too tempting when this image materialized in the dusty corners of my brain at 2am last night XD…yay insomnia!

What was this matter I was lazily pondering? simply that if Estelle were an actual character in the Fuzor-verse during the actual time period seen in the series…what team would she be a member of/affiliated with?? eventually it boiled down to the two main teams, the “naughty” side or the “nice” side. and thus this image was the rather random result. XP lol

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