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Look what I goooot ~ :3

lol we went and visited my sister and brother-in-law’s place prior to going for dinner, and then we bantered about zoids…and then my brother-in-law gave me his Fire Pheonix 8/

…score! XD Apparently he has actually been intending hand it over for a while after I had mentioned that my original FP had gone hopelessly missing, but kept forgetting to bring it with him when he visited. and no I never asked him for it, he’s just cool like that lol

so…yeah! looks like all the bits are there, including connecty bits for the liger. it’s in really nice condition too, it’s a little rough as in there’s lots of barbs from when the parts where snipped from their trees…and I think I might do some customizing in the way of detailing little things here and there, but otherwise stellar condition, so one zoid down on zoids-I-want list. :D

…now to get my hands on a Buster Fury…or a berserk fury and a Buster eagle…however I can manage it…oh…and five more lightning saix…and a houndsoldier …and maaaybe a Konig Wolf to customize into the black one from Battle Legends.

Annnnd….Burton happened….finally.

Thought he’d never come out 8| (part of the issue might be that I can find next to 0 visual ref for him *facedesk*)…but when he did it was highly amusing XD his face is a lot of fun to mess around with.

Just some basic stuff - smug-bastard smirk, thoroughly not amused, and then I wanted to go the other direction with the eyes wide open, so we have the “OH SH**!!”

at this point his “redesign” for me is not cemented, as in eye shapes, etc. etc. but this was a fun session, so here ya go…for some reason the remake festering in my head has him doing duel roles as relatively serious bad-guy … and occasional comic relief. lol

Luke is judging you…


…pretty intensely it seems, too… >__>

yeah…I dunno, the sketch for this has been around in a sketch dump of mine for a while, and then I just decided to do something with it…

…I don’t know why the idea for this expression on him came up back then, but it was most amusing lol (no seriously, I couldn’t stop giggling while working on this…I don’t know why). I dunno, Looks like some sort of reaction to a particularly stupid joke or statement.

yeeeeah…so my mind works in really cruel ways sometimes 8/…my brain took the small passing realization that if Esie were canon she and Blake would be some of if not the only regular bodysuit wearers, and went “SUIT SWAP! >8D”

…anyways Blake is not enjoying the heels (freaking wuss…they’re not THAT high :/) and Esie is…well there’s no way around it, she’s self-conscious about her ass…seriously…those thingies that normally go around his hips…they go right over that specific area…particularly on a girl for some reason…

anyways yes…this will be finished at some point, the finished one will be going on deviantART and will probably be shared here too…but the character-shaming sketchies are for tumblr peeps only XD

…And if Esie looks tiny…she is.

…plus Blake has the extra height from the  lady-shoes here too. lol

So Last night were were driving down the freeway…

…in rainy conditions…in California…

…and on my ipod I just happened to have “Self Control” by 2am (YES, the song from zoids fuzors…don’t freakin’ judge me 8( ) …

….then thinking about that title…it hits me…



Silly song title! California drivers don’t have “Self Control”!

no seriously though…crowded California freeways can be scary…WET California freeways can be FREAKING TERRIFYING…If you have never been here, or anywhere else known for horrible drivers, you have NO idea how contrary to reality that song title is XD…it was funny in kind of a morbid way, here the cute female Japanese voice is dropping that “self control” line and on the road people are swerving around looking more like the freakin’ Lion King Stampede than a road with actual…ya know rules…and laws to follow.

They were kind of annoying to fight though…and yet kind of fun :/

love Lechku & Nechku…and…music that comes with them

yeah, they were certainly interesting designs, I loved that game :) there was so much stuff to do and it was so beautiful and different, totally didn’t get the recognition it deserved in my opinion…

…oh…and now that the comparison has been made now I see our poor, poor fuzor characters having to fight rampaging nightwise WITHOUT THEIR ZOIDS 8/…

LOL yeeeah…good luck with that…unless they have those big-ass anti-zoid gun thingies, then they might have a shot XD

…Wonder who would be the psycho who shows up through a wall while bashing the sh** out of one of their faces…8/…

Oh God, boredom-spawned thoughts have created a monster! XD

…so the lazy little reflection on how weird RD’s “name” is has made me reach the conclusion that it’s actually a “name” created from his initials or something that he came up with to cover up some sort of really embarrassing name/name combination (think “Eugene Fitzherbert” sort of situation)

where’s the “monster” in this? …I’m finding it WAY too entertaining to speculate as to what the oh-so-atrocious name could be! XD

…and just to be courteous and offer the opportunity to participate in the pointless, time-wasting insanity - obligatory question mark - ?

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