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so…I colored them.

because reasons. eeeeeh they could be better but it was fun and it got me art-ing. I need to get on that now that I’m off for summer.

WHY IS THERE NO CLOTHING ON HER SHOULDERS SKY??? D8 - Because I honestly couldn’t decide what outfit to put on her :/…I dunno she seems to do well with the off-shoulder stuff a lot…I’ve actually even hinted at a top like that on her before…so entirely possibly she’s wearing something like that. otherwise, idk use your imagination ON THE CLOTHES YOU SICKOS lol

I…forgot I had these, and while I posted them a long time ago, I apparently never added them to my art tag…and while they’re not spectacular I don’t hate them as much as I did when I first scribbled them? which is rare.

normally goes from “kinda hate it” and the hatred just increases from there. I dunno…they sort of have ha loose, quick, concepty/color-key-ish look that I kind of dig.

the bottom one is just…Sheba looming dramatically over a ledge, possibly illuminated by the light pollution pouring out of Blue city outside the left of the image.

The top one had slightly more to it, being a visual out of Esie and Sheba’s flight from Ambrose to Blue City pre-series (oc-headcanon is she joined shortly before the events seen at the beginning of the series) this particular moment came into clear focus while listening to this piece of music, and was generally pinned as being  maybe the moment Esie came out of the spooked rush of night she fled home enough to finally stopped to see how far she’d gone - in more than the  obvious way. So sort of the pivotal point where she realizes they’ve gone too far to turn back, and that regardless of how she feels about it, their only real choice is to continue on into the mass of unknowns that is the outside world. …also props if you noticed the little dot on Sheba’s head in this bottom pic before reading this. yes that is to imply Esie’s standing there. I imagine she might do that quite a bit.

*recommends high res, etc. for subtle eye movements etc.*

…Yeah…some impromptu inspiration happened today LOL …Anyways…yeah obviously related to the blasphemous concept that these guys (Blake,Luke,Esie) become a team sometime post series.

I don’t know why this worked in my head, it just did. She’d have loosened up a bit most likely…but might still be too inhibited etc. to openly express concurrence in situations like this…but other methods might suffice to get the point across.

…I dunno it was the possibility for little dynamics like this that attracted me to the eventual-post-series-team concept in the first place XD

…Who exactly is the object of Blake’s hatred in this situation? I don’t know, use your imagination lol

Kay before I dig into this LUKE DAMMIT WHY U NEVER COME OUT TO PLAY? >8’[  I had ideas for you and everything and they were adorbs but you never freaking come out he’s seen what I do to the others and he is not having any of that sh** that’s probably why.

annnnyways…yeah…another shot of inspiration or something that’s been bouncing around + I’ve been wanting to do the rest of that dress since I drew the shoulders of it ages ago. …and I dunno these two are either fighting for attention right now or now that there’s a mun for one of them they’re not sure what to do with eachother and are just hanging round in my head like

at each other right now.

Blake’s ‘dressy’ hair came out better than expected…but it’s still messy…and it’s probably really crunchy because of the sh**load of gel or whatever it would take to tame that mess XD. I see him wearing the waistcoat and stopping with that and just sort of balking immaturely at the thought of going full-on suit. Much to Sandra’s displeasure. …can also see her fussing about his hair not cooperating too.

I always felt that updo on Esie looked almost too “mature” for her age, but it fits with the idea that she’s been taught a very rigid protocol for dressing up and with no experience with freedom to expirament, she plays it safe and “runs as programmed”…so probably actually looks better with her hair down, but but that is not appropriate for formal situations 8[ *stress stress stress*

she still looks like an entirely different style omg uuuugh *facedesk*


There…I have kept my word…

…but this is definitely the last time I engage in any “friendly bets” …

yep. it’s up. have at it XD

half Halloween-spirit post, half “the sure-thing zoid Esie “bet” on tripped in the home stretch and therefore she has the worst luck ever”

but yeah…wide open on her blog for in-character response.

(and yes, it’s transparent~ XD)


I told you I would do it! lol

…so yeah…she got the white marlin tail “but that tail isn’t white it’s -” I know, I am referring to the white marlin species, which, no, is not white…other than the underbelly…actually it looks a lot like other marlins, just smaller/a little less bulky.

she needed something equivalent to the cheetah speediness, annnnd that would be a marlin (nope, not a mako shark like you’ve heard, marlins, sailfish, wahoo, etc. I believe sailfish is the fastest, but I couldn’t get that design to work, so next down was marlin) so…probably a mer-person type that could really be nasty if it wants to be…however she probably hasn’t fully realized that yet.

and omg, so much trouble with that bra lol…honestly the okay-with-non-vulgar-nudity part of me just wanted to screw the whole thing but I can’t do that…for several reasons 8/…a few of which include the fact that she’s technically underage, and I don’t want to scare the sh** out of my followers lol…so I had to give her something.

So apparently Esie is one of those characters that looks WAY older when given an updo and lipstick (and a little eyeshadow, but I think it’s mainly the lipcolor)

And NEW DRESS :D lol…I shouldn’t just draw pieces of dresses like this…I now have an urge to draw the rest of it, which may well happen, stay tuned…if you like clothing design things…

and NO that is not her bra sticking out, that’s a part of the dress …her bra is probably somewhere down there trying really hard to shape/squeeze whatever tiny bit she does have in a way that fit/fills the front of that dress…which would mean pretty as this is, it’s probably not that comfortable.

in the end this mainly came up as I-need-to-draw-something-finished fodder…as opposed to just sketchy things. but…I…guess this could be her attire for anything fancy SH attends? Sandra did have to mingle with a lot of upper crust, etc. I imagine there might be a few occasions at least… omg…her boys having to dress up…pffft lol XD

((crap looks like no “high-res” link, sorry. guess they’re messing with things they shouldn’t…No tumblr! don’t do the ugly facebook thing! D8 lol))

Here, have some new art for the Esie blog, and yes art has been changed on the blog already. Just the sidebar and character info art. 

as stated, these came off those graphite sketches I churned out the other night.

*shoves sketches in people’s faces* THat…what is that…?

freakinnnng GRAAAAPHIIIIITE >8D that’s what that mess is!!

*flails for 5 minutes straight*

no seriously though…it feels good…even better, these are viable base sketches to turn into sidebar/info art for the RP blog…obviously, YES they clearly need some tweaking etc. but…just…I’m just so…HAPPY quq…

I haven’t been able to get any remotely viable sketches out digitally for the past week or two and now these come out on paper and Weeeeee~!

Good girl Esie, very good girl XD

OOC: …because Esie is too white…



…To risk being in the desert freakin’ sun for too long without some sort of “protection” 8/ seriously… the severe skin burning/eye strain/whatever else the sun can do to light eyes would SUCK…

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bare with me followers-of-both-blogs, posting here as well as there may be other followers who don’t follow my RP blog…that might still like the art…however sketchy/crappy it is.

…no seriously, been having issues this week, particularly with this little finally I was just wanted to get the thing finished and out of the way. lol 8P

should be working on anthology things but isn’t

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