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Not really a tutorial…just…process I guess? it happened randomly…like a lot of stuff I do does >_>…I definitely do not claim to be knowledgeable enough to be teaching anyone to draw anything. but if this process helps you to draw better horsies or something, coolness.

and I take a lot out of “The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals” (Joe Weatherly) I would recommend that book, don’t pay too much attention to my results, it really is a good book that teaches really handy techniques and practices. But last I checked it’s really hard to find, the only listings I’ve found have been from shameless price-gougers for absolutely absurd amounts of money.



Just when you thought you knew everything about boobs… NSFW?







My darling friend Chizzi mentioned that there are a lot of booby tutorials out there are just predrawn boobs with the artist going HEY LOOK! HERE ARE SOME BOOBS! but not many that actually talk about the anatomical structure, and where to put the lines.  I was like, “Hey, I can probably whip something up.”  And so I spent my thanksgiving making this.

Proportions probably aren’t exact, but I did my best.  I also didn’t explore the various body types, but perhaps I could do a separate tutorial someday.  I hope you find this tutorial useful :)

All photo references used in the tutorial were found on The Drawing Script.  Credits to each photo belong to their respective owners.

A tutorial on the placement and movement of (non-augmented) breasts that might be of interest to people. :)

lol yes that dialogue was inspired by Merida’s dad’s impression of her in Brave XD (see the original here: )

Obviously I had to alter it to work in a zoidy context, so “sands”, “lasers” and no hair-in-the-wind part…since that doesn’t happen inside a zoid cockpit…but yeah, it just kind of worked - What with the speculation that Esie, at least for a good ways into the future (during and post series) would not want/would be afraid of the prospect of romantic relationships generally perceiving that such would ultimately rob her of her hard-won “freedom” XD

So here you go, highly-OOC Esie “poetically” protesting the prospect of marriage/romantic relationships.

and yes, lots of errors in this sketch, but I purposely did it without the lasso tool, I…need to learn to draw again basically.

Guess who has a somewhat promising base sketch down for Buster Saix? ;)

…But I make no promises, and it will be a little while at least, because I still need to tinker with the configuration.

But it’s past 4am and I’m tired and my knee hurts for stupid reasons. so later peeps :)

omg…cheetah!Esie is becoming a thing…send help 8| LOL

I don’t knoooow, she just makes such a cute, huge-eyed cheetah XD started with the “O_O - target acquired - ” stalk/stare…then the OMG WHAT IS THAT???MUST BOLT!!!

…and then for some reason I drew her looking all post-fight-gone-wrong and looking pitifully beat up and exhausted…like "omg…I just gonna lie here and pant painfully for a while…or a week…or forever…"

…I blame the fact that I was watching another nature doc while doing this, and a lioness looked about like that after she was bitten in the head and severely injured by a hippo (yet amazingly she survived 8|) and all the other lions were all hanging around her and keeping watch and the feels were too much and it just spilled over…or something 8’( lol

…not that her teammates would be the type to fawn or worry over others…accept maybe Luke…if he was in his right mind at the time…and returned the “kinda sorta think we should be friends” feels…

Behold the atrocity that is the Gairyuki/saix  LOL

obviously just a really crappy recolor of Sheba’s lineart…but yeah, I saw that one saix…then the weird/funny vision occurred…and then I remembered I had a saix lineart floating around, and then…uh…THIS. yeah…

obviously produced out of complete absurdity.

this can’t happen by the nature of zoids…unless something Terrible happened to Gairyuki and Sheba and someone screwed around really strangely with cores? 8| omg Luke! what have you done?? …either way…now I see a blue and orange lighting saix with an identity crisis that runs around chomping on things and trying to throw around weight that it doesn’t actually have because it’s a cheetah that thinks it’s a t-rex…

but the blue would be a very pretty blue…if it got any of “mommy’s” pearly sheen.

oh…and it would be hilarious if it has an under-developed CPC that only activates at inappropriate times…like when it’s over excited or nervous…and sometimes looks like it’s going to vomit but instead of puke it produces a freaking laser.

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