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I found it! *sits up proudly*…

This, my friends, is the first airplane my dad worked with when he got out of the Air Force, he worked with the navigation system - a beautiful (and fast, max speed 1,328mph) F-104 Starfighter.

This was apparently the PR plane or “show bird” as he put it, the one that was displayed or flown at shows, easy to see why, look at it gleam :)…apparently they didn’t need to polish it up like they did, but there was a guy that did it just to give it that extra spark I guess. It paid off in my opinion, it was quite a site to behold.

SR-71 Hits Mach 3 (by okrajoe)

…I swear no matter how much footage I see of this thing, the reaction never diminishes “God that’s awesome…” 0A0 lol, at least for me, this thing still is, and probably always will be, the end-all of “slick”

though a spyplane, not a fighting aircraft, its high capacity for speed and altitude (the limits of which were supposedly never fully revealed) kept it safe despite many attempts to shoot it down. In it’s day, the blackbird earned it’s reputation as “untouchable” and cemented it’s place as an aviation legend :)


The legendary SR-71 blackbird…to me, this is the apex of “slick” in my book, I have a lot of favorite planes, some that I probably like about as much as this one, but for different reasons, the blackbird has just always been in a category by itself for me :) went photo gazing and found some great old shots.

I had a chance to see this bird fly a little shortly before it retired, we were out in the desert at the time considering new homes (this was back when Lockheed left Ontario and sort of consolidated to their Palmdale plant, causing a lot of employees to move or to consider the option) and there was a Blackbird doing touch-and-gos. Everyone else was staring in amazment, where was I??…

looking the wrong way.

I was too young to understand what I was missing and didn’t pay the slightest attention…in fact I was bored. I don’t care that I was just a kid, I think that is a moment that I will regret to the day I die 8| lol

GUH! IT’S DONE!! *fall on face* (Hi-res plz) this took WAAAAY longer than anticipated, and was also waaay more tedious than anticipated, but it’s finished, and dangit, I don’t care if it’s past 3am, I felt like posting it now, so I’m going to post it now. 

actually the sketch of this was lying about my hardrive for a while now, only just recently decided to go back to it. could be better, but I’m not too unhappy with it.

hopefully some can detect that it’s another stab at Art Deco.

as to who the particular zoid portrayed here, it’s actually Estelle’s Lightning Saix (a very stylized version obviously) which would make the skyline in the background Blue City.

Why is she jetting about the desert outside town in the dark of night? …I have no idea…8/ Shady business for Savage Hammer?

Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound (Original Mix) (by NichlasF)

Oh man…now because the (very spiffy) Absolut commercial that used this piece made the connection between it and uber-slick mechanical animals, I can’t hear this music without thinking about a bunch of lightning saix tearing up a racetrack of some sort somewhere XD I’m hopeless.

(on a side note, I also discovered it goes VERY well with Olympic runners I was just watching that in the background just now, looked up, and realized the combination was quite epic. lol )

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