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lol…okay, okay, so I made that yugioh/fuzors intro kinda sorta crossover… and then I remembered I had THIS lying in the recesses of my files.

what the HELL is this?? THIS is what happens when you’re a zoids/fuzors fan who also uses watches too many nature docs/films while fantarding brainstorming. A while ago I was watching a documentary film thing (it was “the Last Lions”…and yes that’s Jeremy Irons narrating…He makes the thing, does quite a nice job) while thinking of fuzors things, initially it just resulted in an OC ficlet that was somehow inspired and spawned by the documentary and the music of it (which is quite good, I’m sad the full ost can’t be obtained anywhere)…but there was also this sad part of the narration (a male lion succumbs to wounds sustained in a territorial fight :( ) and then I thought of this part with the fury’s deep-sixing…and I had clips…and it was probably late…and I was probably over-tired…and - and then things got weird >_>…I don’t know if its amusing or actually sad/depressing…but it was too weird/random a mash-up to not share.

um…anyways…yeah…Fuzors meets nature-film-narrated-by-Jeremy-freaking-Irons. shhhhh…don’t try to understand…it’s pointless lol

Oh God…Send help… by ~SkyGateCreations

BLAKE IS A HORSE. YOUR ARGUEMENT IT INVALID…this is what happens when you finish cheetah!Esie, get bored on skype, and your friend throws out the suggestion to animal-fy the rest of the main savage hammer peeps.

If you want specifics, he is kinda sorta an arabian colt (yes colt, not a “mighty stallion” yet XD, I go with him being 17 in-series, which puts him at about 3 as a horse, and boy horsies aren’t stallions until 4…so he’s almost there…but not quite lol)

Esie there for comic effect and size comparison (oddly enough she was almost a horse…and she was drawn as one - if curious, check my art page here - But it was separate from this little “series” and cheetah definitely fit better in the end)…he’s not very big for a horse, arabs aren’t a large breed, he’s probably somewhere around 15 hands high, but not over that (about 60 inches at the shoulder)

if curious about the others, burton and Luke are birds of different types…and Sandra is either a leopard or a lioness…I’m leaning towards lioness. More boss-lady-like somehow…and they’re already “blonde” XD …she’d sure as heck be able to control the others as a lioness.

…and if you wonder why he’s a horse and an arab specifically, his hair was an important feature to consider, in the end only horses or lions really fit the bill…and lions didn’t seem right, a bit too chunky I guess, so horse it was. He’s an Arabian because Arabs appear to be predisposed to this liver-chestnut/washy reddish mane and tail combination that made his hair color somewhat plausible.


Some of those who skype with my will have known this was coming.

but…yeah…Blake in zoid track-racing “jockey silks” (savage hammer colors because not sure what other colors to associate him with :/), his number came up for shaming again XD…although this came out slightly less ridiculous than I thought it would, it’s not too bad…odd for him, but not completely disgraceful. 

having made that track-racing headcanon that spawned from the development of a fuzors OC, I guess I also wondered how other characters would do if tossed into it. one wonders how he would do with a four-legged zoid…a very…uh…”spirited” (read high-strung/hair-trigger/neurotic) four-legged zoid (a racing lightning saix).

honestly I saw him either doing surprisingly alright…or getting nailed for spontaneously “savaging” another entry upon getting cut off one too many times 8/…

lol…watch him get characteristically pissy-competitive after getting his ass kicked a few times by Esie (in the realm of track racing, the “experience” ratio would be more or less reversed) …such would probably just serve to make her even more freaked out around him than normal…or just make her run away from him even faster on a track….”Oh no I’ve made it mad! run away run away run away!! 8(“

lol…yeah…so…Esie does not share the same opinion of shorts as Luke does…other than just seeing how uncomfortable similar length shorts would look even on a girl…the rest of the design is pretty random…I dunno, God forbid this is post-series and some would-be girlfriends tried to get her out of the “uptight” officey clothes??…not sure that they’d be “girlfriends” after this ordeal…

…teenage urban fashion does NOT suit her lol (I was going to put some equally obnoxious graphic on the shirt but I got lazy)

…she looks almost pissed…it takes a LOT to make Esie be “pissed” outside a cockpit…actually even then…

anyways yeah…OC shaming over XD

So yeah, just randomly browsing my gallery cause I’m that bored…

oh yeah, I remember drawing an old guy…

wait a second…

…The HELL is THAT doing in the “more like this” area??? o__0

GEEZ Gerard! apparently I made you such an ass that even DA is making severely negative implications about you!!! XD

*”period” deviation belongs to Kawiko of deviantART -

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